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the best thing that ever came out of texas


this layout, like my soul, features art by celestial soda
42, accidental gen, aib, art snobs, austrians, aziraphale, aziraphale/crowley, beck, being awesome, belle and sebastian, benny goodman orchestra, billy joel, books, brandtson, brmc, brown university, caffeine, caravaggio, chocolate, choir geeks, chuck klosterman, claude monet, cowriting, crowley, crowley/aziraphale, damien rice, dark-haired irish men, death cab for cutie, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, draco/harry, edward manet, embarrassing baby pictures, emerson, existentialism, fanfic, feist, flirtatious banter, french accents, freudian slips, german expressionism, ginny/draco, good omens, good sex, greg house, guillemots, gustave caillebotte, harry potter, harry potter smut, harry/draco, het, house, house md, house/wilson, impressionism, indie music with melody, italy, jackson pollock, james potter, james wilson, james/lily, james/sirius, jane austen, joe cocker, john singer sargent, kathe kollwitz, keane, keats, klimt, leonard cohen, lily evans, lily/james, lit snobs, love, love-hate relationships, lust, mates of state, michelangelo, more cowbell, morrissey, motion city soundtrack, music snobs, mysterious skin, neko case, not dickens, of montreal, ok go, omg wtf lol, oscar kokoschka, pablo neruda, padfootsie, pinstripes, pretty people, procrastination, queen, radiohead, remus j lupin, remus lupin, remus/sirius, reo speedwagon, rufus wainwright, sarcasm, sauntering vaguely downwards, scars, shelley, simon and garfunkel, sirius black, sirius/james, slash, smut, snobbery, spiderman movies, spontaneous dance parties, sufjan stevens, sushi, taking candy from strangers, the beatles, the kinks, the libertines, the perishers, the polyphonic spree, the raincoats, the shins, the smiths, the strokes, the who, thelonious monk, thoreau, tilly and the wall, voltaire, whosiface google, wilson/house, writing